While Sophia, Brynja and Susan walked the Shore-to-Shore 5K, Milo began his new career.
A friend called. An agency needed someone “the right height.” So, wearing baby blue togs (swimsuit) with a hood, long sleeves, and anime-like logos, Milo waited for his cue.

“Be yourself,” I told Milo. This, perhaps, was the wrong thing to say. He immediately ran to the beach and assumed the “pose,” the one used to photobomb pictures of his sister. Arms up, knees bent, muscles flexed, Milo unintentionally upstaged Charlotte, his more experienced six-year-old friend, who walked away in a pout. The Korean photographer snapped away. I assumed his English repertoire did not include, “Tone it down boy.” Soon, the director came over, “Your child…be more natural!”

They did love the boy by the end of the shoot.

Step off Honey Boo Boo.

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